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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hot Tips to Hot Free MySpace Layouts

Free Myspace layouts - No doubt you can choose your MySpace layout from any of categories like Girly, Jazz, Animal MySpace layout etc. But there are a few points you need to mind. The code for MySpace layout of your choice may be available anywhere but installing a new MySpace layout isn't all that easy. So looking at others' MySpace Layout obviously helps a lot.

First off, a MySpace layout is a pre-coded, pre-designed layout for your profile with designated place holders for your profile, contacts, friends and advertisements. You can choose to have a single large background but the main effect of large background is higher download time. The default MySpace layout is pretty boring and this is why users take to spice things up a little. Don't forget, a wide background can mean many things go out of the fold and are left out of sight.

A pre-made MySpace Layout is a template for your home page. Using it is a simple way of showcasing your friends rocking and your individuality in addition to using it as a marketing platform. However one trouble with the default layout is it hides most of your home page background. Unfortunately, this kind of layout codes is cropping up everywhere.

Although you are keen on having free hot MySpace layouts, you are not in a mood to pickup all Free MySpace Layouts or Cute MySpace Layouts just because they are free. The truth, however is, not all free MySpace Layout Codes available for pimping MySpace layouts have ever been easier to use. So, what does it mean to you, to whom this is not a big dollar business at all? Browsing through myriads of free layouts, getting lost on selection as they are not always categorized for ease of viewing and usage.

The next factor in a beautiful MySpace layout is its positioning. Tower Codes are easy in changing your MySpace layout by hitting a few keys on your keyboard. Another easiest way to customize your profile page is to choose your favorite song to play as your profile loads. Don't forget to take care of the default MySpace layout which is not accurately centered.

To spice up your MySpace with hot and easy backgrounds doesn't require you to compromise on privacies and integrities because some free MySpace layout are atrocious and place spying and spamming codes which get triggered when you page loads.

Alevoor Rajagopal, MBA, is a reputed business consultant and writes on showcasing individuality with MySpace layout.

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